When James Blanchard was younger, he dreamed of being an Air Force pilot, a dream he succeeded in accomplishing. When Mark Blanchard was younger, he dreamed of becoming a rock star and traveling the country entertaining fans. Although that dream never came to fruition, it was replaced by and equal passion for making fine wines. As Blanchard Family Wines began to grow, the brothers found themselves traveling across the country, promoting their wine, hosting events, meeting fans, posing for pictures, and even signing autographs on bottles. Mark realized that in a certain way, this was as close as he would ever come to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a rock star. This was the inspiration for the formation of the Blanchard Family Wine Fan Club!

There is no entry fee to become a member of the BFW Fan Club. You will receive special membership benefits and introductions to new and exclusive wines not found in distribution. Members also have access to merchandise, newsletters, and great discounts. Twice a year, typically in the Spring and Fall, members of the fan club will receive shipments of wine directly to their doorstep. To join, simply register below and choose between the three levels of membership.  Enjoy your wines!

                  Gold Club                                                                        Platinum Club                                                  Double Platinum

                  3 bottles/2 times per year                                              6 bottles/2 times per year                              12 bottles/2 times per year

                  10% discount/bottle                                                       15% discount/bottle                                        20% discount/bottle

                  15% discount/case                                                          20% discount/case                                           30% discount/case

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The Double Platinum receives 12 bottles, twice a year. The Platinum Club receives 6 bottles, twice a year. The Gold Club receives 3 bottles, twice a year.